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Find out how We Leverage, Inc. is making a difference in the Greater Sacramento area.

Why does We Leverage exist?

We Leverage, Inc. is a community based nonprofit focused on creating opportunities of advancement for all young people who want to improve the quality of life for themselves and their community. We aim to prepare and position civic leaders in making the best life choices for themselves, their family, and community. We value relentless, self-awareness, self-discipline, and go above and beyond to instill these values. Through our personalized attention and guidance, we are providing them with all the resources they need to thrive as civic leaders for years to come.

Signature Programs

Civic Life Academy

For civic leaders, The Civic Life Academy strives continually to refresh the pool of realistic visionaries who can analyze issues, craft short-term and longterm solutions, and accomplish the given tasks. Having the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences, you not only participate in the program, but you can take ownership of your learning and residential experience.

Art of Leading

To tackle difficult social issues and advocate for yourself and your community, one must channel in on their self-discipline and self-awareness to lead positive change. In the journey of becoming a civic leader, we train you on techniques that will improve your communication, interpersonal skills, and gain practice in teamwork and problem solving.

1 Community

Our mentoring program is focused on nurturing the next generation of civic leaders. Providing mentoring and networking opportunity for our to civic leaders is crucial. The focus is on placing our committed emerging civic leaders with exemplary professional leaders in a dynamic, challenging field to help students established their futures.

Self Made

Are you interested in learning more about yourself? We provide career development training, guidance, and resources for those focusing on selecting a career to undertake their future through planning and implementing their career goals.

My name is Oscar Cervantes, I’m a second year Community and Regional Development major at the University of California, Davis. We Leverage has played a pivotal role in my development as a student and professional. CJ’s guidance has enabled me to see past stereotypes, break free from established norms for people of color and lead as many brothers as I could along with me. He introduced me to the power of community organizing and the power my voice has when I use it right. CJ never lost hope in my potential and always had the highest expectations of what I could achieve. I’m incredibly grateful for the tools he and his organization have provided for my success as a student and community leader.

Oscar Cervantes
University of California, Davis

I am eternally thankful for the guidance and support of this program. The activism and civic engagement demonstrated by the youth involved in this program, speaking from the perspective of a former program parent, is not only inspiring, but also helps open doors for new opportunities and platforms of activism.

Telicia Atkinson

We Leverage is doing great work in the Sacramento community to support young men and women. Their focus on career paths, soft skills development, and networking is vital for the future business and community leaders for our area.

John Andersen, President, The Art Institute of California – Sacramento

We Leverage has been instrumental in providing a platform for training and support for young people in civic engagement and political awareness. The connects and relationships forged out of our association have proven to be vital to the navigation and development of our local political roadmap.

Jody Johnson – President/CEO
RoccSolid Advisement

Hi my name is Telice Summerfield and I am a third year at the University of California Berkeley. I major in social welfare and I am passionate about civic engagement and improving the conditions of society. We Leverage has supported me in my growth as a leader, providing ample guidance and networking opportunities. CJ has helped groomed me professionally and politically as I embark on my career as a social activist and leader. I am eternally grateful for all that the program, as well as CJ himself, have done for me. I trust that this program will continue to uplift, enlighten, and guide youth in the right direction.

Telice Summerfield
University of California Berkeley


We Leverage is the archetype of the modern and innovative community organization. Cj understands the necessity and impetus of civic engagement and skills training and instills his own passion for strong and vibrant community success into each cohort. Because of that fact, working with Cj, as a community partner, is always very inspiring and productive. I’m extremely excited and hopeful for the future of We Leverage as they continue to grow and become better positioned to change the lives of many for the better.

Adrian Mohammed
Community Affairs Director
Black Young Democrats, Sacramento


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