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We Leverage is more than just an organization for civic leaders, it’s a way of life! At We Leverage, we care and value what we do and strive to empower the lives of all civic leaders in the Sacramento community through our wide range of programs. We help shape our young people into civic leaders of the future so they walk out of our doors prepared to take on whatever comes their way. Take a look at our variety of programs, and learn more about everything we have to offer.

Civic Life Academy

For civic leaders, The Civic Life Academy strives continually to refresh the pool of realistic visionaries who can analyze issues, craft short-term and longterm solutions, and accomplish the given tasks. Having the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences, you not only participate in the program, but you can take ownership of your learning and residential experience.

Art of Leading

To tackle difficult social issues and advocate for yourself and your community, one must channel in on their self-discipline and self-awareness to lead positive change. In the journey of becoming a civic leader, we train you on techniques that will improve your communication, interpersonal skills, and gain practice in teamwork and problem solving.

1 Community

Our mentoring program is focused on nurturing the next generation of civic leaders. Providing mentoring and networking opportunity for our to civic leaders is crucial. The focus is on placing our committed emerging civic leaders with exemplary professional leaders in a dynamic, challenging field to help students established their futures.

Self Made

Are you interested in learning more about yourself? We provide career development training, guidance, and resources for those focusing on selecting a career to undertake their future through planning and implementing their career goals.